Why Management?

Do you need a property manager?

At Red Umbrella we know that you have a choice when selecting a management company. It is an important choice that will impact your investment for years to come. When deciding if you need to hire a management company, these are some questions that may help you decide:

  • Are your responsibilities as a landlord keeping you up at night? Do you have the time to spare?
  • Are you really saving money by managing the property yourself?
  • Are you comfortable dealing with tenants?
  • Are you maintaining the property in optimal condition to ensure you get stable returns – and the best price when you eventually sell?
  • Do you know prompt, reliable, bonded and insured contractors to perform repairs?
  • Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord?
  • Do you know the rights and responsibilities of your tenants?

If using a management company seems like the right choice for you, please give us at Red Umbrella Management a chance.

We are more than a rent collection service, offering comprehensive property management services. The company undertakes regular inspections, deals with any tenant issues and manages maintenance needs. Throughout the process, Red Umbrella keeps you informed through email updates, statements and regular inspection reports. Via our leasing partner, the company offers top-notch advertising, showing and applicant screening – minimizing vacancy and tenant problems.