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While we represent the landlord for the properties we manage, we take pride in treating our great tenants fairly and with respect.

A landlord-tenant relationship comes with rights and obligations for both the landlord and tenant. Those rights and obligations are laid out in the lease – it is therefore very important that tenants read the lease fully and agree to all the terms before signing it.

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Prospective Tenant FAQ

Learn how to qualify, how the leasing process works and more.

Current Tenant FAQ

Need to end lease early, why am I charged late fees?

FAQ - Prospective Tenants

Who does the leasing?

Red Umbrella Management does property management only. The leasing is done by a licensed real estate company – Soldsense Realty LLC.

Soldsense Realty LLC owns Red Umbrella Management. The leasing company represents the landlord – the leasing company works for the landlord and their job is to negotiate the best terms possible for the landlord.

Why am I asked to confirm the showing on the day I am looking at the property?

Unfortunately, some scheduled showings end up being no-shows. This may be due to people just forgetting or last minute things coming up.

Regardless of the reason, Soldsense usually require a confirmation call, text or email on the day of the showing.

What if I have a Section 8 housing voucher?

If you have a Housing Choice Voucher or Section 8 voucher please let us know upfront so we can check if the particular property participates in that program.

Owners with less than 5 properties do not have to  accept Section 8 tenants. 

Even if a property accepts section 8 vouchers you will still need to qualify based on rental history, credit and the income for your part of the voucher. 

Please be aware that we recommend our owners not pay utilities on behalf of the tenant. Hence, make sure your adjusted voucher amount is sufficient to cover the rent.

How much money will I need upfront to rent a property?

When making the application you will need to pay an application fee for each adult. All adults (18 years and older) must fill out an application and must pay the application fee – no exceptions.

When the application is approved a payment of one months rent is typically due prior to the lease signing.  This payment will be credited towards your first months rent.

Prior to move in, the security deposit is due as well as any pet deposit or pet fee. 

What questions will I be asked before I can see the property?

The real estate company will ask questions prior to setting up a showing to determine if you have the characteristics that the owner is looking for.

Typical questions would be:

  • Are you represented by a real estate agent?
  • When are you looking to rent?
  • How long of a lease are you looking for?
  • Do you have a rental history we can verify? Any issues?
  • Do you have pets?
  • How many persons will reside in the property?
  • What is your credit like?
  • Are you employed/have other income sources?
    What is the total household income?

What if i have bad credit ?

Good credit is crucial to your application. Generally, a credit above 680 may be deemed sufficient.

If you have recent or current outstanding late payments or judgments this may negatively impact your application regardless of credit score.

If your score is below 680 but the reason is e.g. a short sale or foreclosure – and your other lines of credit have been on time, the owner may still accept you.

If you have bad credit or issues, we recommend you are upfront about it and run it by us ahead of time – that way we can speak to the owner to see if the credit is acceptable and not waste your time and your application fee.

Regardless of credit – income/employment and rental history will also influence your desirability as a tenant.

Will the property be fixed up before I move in?

We take pride in handing over homes in great condition to our new tenants.

A great condition does not always mean a home will be repainted in full or that new carpets will be installed. Often only part of the home will be painted or touched up – and while carpets will be cleaned, they may be old and/or show wear. 

The property will be safe to live in, will be cleaned and otherwise satisfy the responsibilities of the landlord outlined in the lease.

Sometimes the time between tenants is too short for cleaning or repairs to take place before you move in. We will then arrange for the cleaning and updates to take place after you have moved in.

If you want the carpets changed or walls fully painted you will have to negotiate that as part of your lease before signing it. 

All appliances and mechanical/plumbing/electrical systems will be delivered and kept in normal working order by the landlord as outlined in the lease (sometimes certain items are excluded.)

What about pets?

Pet restrictions are up to the individual owner and will vary from home to home. Some owners may limit the type of pet, the size of pet or the number of pets.

If pets are allowed in a home  the owner typically requires a pet deposit or a pet fee. Keep in mind that the pet fee or pet deposit does not limit your liability for pet damage up to those amounts.

Owners will usually not make accommodations for your pets – if the yard is not fenced and you have a dog they will not put up a fence. You may request permission to put one up at your own cost – the owner may or may not approve and you may have to remove it when yo vacate the home.

Keep in mind that the county and local jurisdiction usually have additional requirements for your pet – you will have to abide by all those rules.

If the unit is in a condominium or homeowner association, additional restrictions on pet size, type and number of pets. There may also be fees and registration needed – you would be responsible for both.

There are accommodations   for  emotional support animals and seeing eye dogs. If you fall into any of those categories you will need to let us know and provide documentation. 

What if I cannot document my income or have no income?

The owner does need a way to verify income to make sure you can pay the rent on a consistent basis.

If you are living off savings only, proof of the bank balance may be needed. If you are self employed, tax returns will usually work.

If you receive spousal support, child support payments, pension, annuities or receive other regular payments please add those in under the income section in your application.

What about diplomatic immunity, military orders, early termination clauses etc?

In Northern Virginia is common for tenants associated with embassies or international organizations to have some type of diplomatic immunity.

While diplomats often make great long-term tenants, the diplomatic immunity does limit the legal recourse for the landlord. it is therefore up to the individual landlord to decide if they want to rent to owners with diplomatic immunity. If you are looking to rent one of our properties, please check with use first so we can see if an owner is open to your application.

For military tenants there is a clause in the lease addressing what happens if you receive orders.

Generally, owners will not accept a general early termination clause in the lease due to change in employment or employment location.

FAQ - Existing Tenants

How do I pay the rent?

The rent is paid through our online tenant portal. You will be able to set up automatic payment of your rent or you can set up reminders and pay the rent manually every month

Through the portal you can pay either via a bank draw or by  credit card (fees apply.)

Contact us if you do not have the portal login information.

I need to request a non-emergency repair. Who do I contact?

Maintenance requests should be submitted through our online tenant portal

You can also call us at 703 373-7422 or email us directly at ldsouza@rumllc.com.

i have an emergency. Who do i contact?

If you smell gas and you are concerned, please call the gas company or the fire department. 

If you have water flooding the home from a burst pipe or similar, find the main water shutoff and shut off the water if possible. If you cannot find the water shutoff, there is a shutoff at the street (usually by the curb) under a black circular lid.

If you have a downed power line, no power or similar, call the electric company.

Any other emergency you deem urgent call 911. Then call us at 70 373-7422 or fill out a repair request through the online tenant portal

Why am I being charged a late fee?

Our typical leases have a rent due date of the 1st of the month. The rent has to reach us by the 1st and is late after the first.

However, recognizing that weekends and holidays could sometimes will make the perfect “late payment” storm, the lease typically allows for a 5 day grace period. That means, if we receive the payment on the 4th or 5th, even though it is technically late, we will not charge a late fee.

The grace period is not intended to be used as a way to delay making the payment after the 1st.

Hence, if the payment is received after the 5th (regardless of holidays and weekends creating the perfect storm), you will be charged the late fee – no exceptions!

To avoid a late payment,  set up an automatic payment through the portal with a withdrawal date before the 1st of the month (and make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account on that date.) 

I have special circumstances and want to speak to the owner and not to you. How do I do that?

The owner has hired us to deal with issues on their behalf as their representative. We will not give out owner information to tenants.

If you have special circumstances and need to get out of a lease early, please speak to us about the situation so we can work out a solution. 

I need to end the lease early - what do I do?

Sometimes a tenant request to move out before the lease ends. If this is the case, please contact us as early as possible so we can start looking for a new tenant. 

If you end the lease early, you will be liable for any expenses the landlord incurs as a result. That includes any vacancy and  releasing fees (typically 1 month of rent.)

The sooner we are notified about the requested early lease termination, the sooner we can list the property and help reduce your liability.

Why did you withhold part of my security deposit after i moved out?

We don’t want to withhold any of your security deposit. We will only charge for items we believe are warranted and fair as per the lease. 

Being a tenant comes with rights and responsibilities.  

As a tenant you expect us (on behalf of the owner) to follow the lease and to provide the services and obligations outlined there.  

Similarly, the lease also lists maintenance tasks a tenant is responsible for during the tenancy and at move out.

Those tasks typically include (but not limited to) cleaning the fireplace, clearing the gutters, cutting the lawn, clean the home and having carpets professionally cleaned.

Furthermore, the home should be delivered back to the owner in the same condition as when it was received – less normal wear and tear.

After your move-out, any maintenance that was not performed (and was your responsibility) and any damage to the property (less normal wear and tear) will be deducted from your security deposit.

My question isn't listed here?

Please contact us and we will help you – that is a big reason for why we are here.