Current Tenant FAQ

Current Tenant FAQ

How do I pay the rent?  The rent can be paid through our online tenant portal or via ACH. Contact us if you do not have the portal login information or need the information to set up a deposit from your bank manually.

I need to request a repair. Who do I contact? You can call us at 703 373-7422, email us at or submit a maintenance request through our online portal.  If it is an emergency follow the instructions on our after hours hotline at 703 373-7422.

What if I have an emergency? If you smell gas and you are concerned, please call the gas company or the fire department. If you have water flooding the home from a burst pipe or similar, find the main water shutoff and shut off the water if possible. If you cannot find the water shutoff, there is a shutoff at the street (usually by the curb) under a black circular lid. If you have a downed power line or similar, call the power company. Any other emergency you deem urgent call 911. Then call us (see above.)

Why am I being charged a late fee? Our typical leases have a rent due date of the 1st of the month. The rent is supposed to reach us by the 1st and is late after the first. However, recognizing that weekends and holidays sometimes will make the perfect “late payment” storm, the lease typically allows for a 5 day grace period. That means, if we receive the check on the 4th or 5th, even though it is technically late, we will not charge a late fee. The grace period is not intended to be used as a way to delay making the payment after the 1st.

Hence, if the payment is received after the 5th (regardless of holidays and weekends creating the perfect storm), you will be charged the late fee – no exceptions!

If you are worried about late payments, please set up am automatic payment to our account (contact us for details.) Make sure the money is transferred before the 1st of the month – you can be late with a transfer too due to weekends and bank holidays and you will be charged a late fee if the payment posts after the 5th.

I have special circumstances and want to speak to the owner and not to you. How do I do that? The owner has hired us to deal with issues on their behalf. We will not give out owner information to tenants. If you have special circumstances and need to get out of a lease early please speak to us about the situation so we can help you work out a solution.

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